11-12 December 2018

SMU Administration Building

Three Essentials of High-Performing Leaders

Most people go through life without ever reaching their maximum potential. Some wonder if they could have led more successful, impactful or fulfilling lives, or left some form of lasting legacy.

Leadership – not just of others, but of self – is crucial to your achievements, successes and sense of purpose. The way you lead yourself (or not) makes a huge difference between dealing with life, creating wealth, sustaining health and drawing happiness, versus struggling with various stresses and strife.

In this workshop, human development coach-cum-extreme sportsman Thaddeus Lawrence unveils three key essentials which help successful leaders build strategies and skill-sets to improve quality of life:
1) Discovering missing links that hold back successes,
2) Identifying methods to free yourself in order to make meaningful and empowered choices, and
3) Developing tools and structures in areas of leadership to enable an unforgettable future.

Concurrent Workshops 3
(12 Dec, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM)




Thaddeus Lawrence

Human development coach and extreme sportsman