11-12 December 2018

SMU Administration Building

Leadership in a Digital Age

With the advent of the digital world, individuals and organisations are scrambling to find technology and communication strategies that can support their leadership of and impact on groups, companies and even nations! How can young leaders continue to lead and create positive impact through social media whilst maintaining relationships and connections that are integral to effective leadership? Participants will engage in fun hands- on activities, interactive content and personal sharing that will serve to bring across seemingly complex learning points in a simple and impactful way. Contrary to relying heavily on leadership/communication theories and models, this workshop will touch on lessons relevant to both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to help them find and build their own signature style.

Key Takeaways 

– Presence
– Purpose
– Signature
– The 3 Rs of Communication (Moving from Awareness to Contribution)

Concurrent Workshops 1
(11 Dec, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM)

Concurrent Workshops 2
(11 Dec, 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM)




Tiziana Tan

Founder of Rebelhouse Asia
Founder and CEO of Brain Juice Collective




Mark Ting

Board Member, CEO Global