11-12 December 2018

SMU Administration Building
Human development coach and extreme sportsman

Thaddeus Lawrence

Workshop Speaker
Panel Discussion Speaker

Thaddeus Lawrence is a human development coach, adventure philanthropist and extreme sportsman rolled into one. He has successfully completed a 1000km footrace through the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts on earth. His soul-inspiring feat in the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica deserts raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, and is documented in his book Runaway Success: Life Lessons from Ultra Endurance Racing.

Thaddeus made it his business and mission to move, educate and inspire people to become better versions of themselves, and prosper in a life of presence, purpose and possibilities. As an Integral Coach®, Thaddeus helps individuals and leaders expand their personal capabilities, ignite massive changes and achieve long-term results. Thaddeus has presented at TEDx and DisruptHR, and in 2013, was listed in Singapore Business Review’s 10 Influential Professional Speakers in Singapore Right Now.