11-12 December 2018

SMU Administration Building
Chairman & Co-Founder, Healthserve

Dr Goh Wei-Leong

Keynote Speaker

Dr Goh, a general practitioner, co-­‐ founded and chairs Healthserve, an NGO and charity that reaches out to the under-­‐ served communities of foreign workers in Singapore.

Healthserve offers basic medical, dental, counselling, social and legal advisory services as well as a free meal program. Over the years, they have developed partnerships with regulatory authorities, agencies, schools and corporate organisations to initiate public health awareness, research projects and social enterprises.

Dr Goh is one of the founders of Linking Hands, a platform that establishes a membership database of voluntary medical professional healthcare workers, and partners them with international healthcare and humanitarian agencies.

Apart from volunteering with the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home and Operation Mobilisation in East Asia Pacific (Relief and Development), Dr Goh is also the chairman of Operation Mobilisation’s ministry -­‐ Mercy Teams International.

For his contribution to humanitarian work and social service, Dr Goh was awarded the Healthcare Humanity Awards in 2015 a n d SMA Merit Award in 2018. Together, HealthServe and Dr Goh were awarded The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year in 2017.

Dr Goh keeps a regular rhythm of rest, reflection and work. He also thoroughly enjoys engaging millennials over a good cappuccino.