Meet the

Speakers (2017)

Tong Yee

Founder and Director, The Thought Collective

Stefen Chow

Photographer / Artist

Colonel Gaurav Keerthi

Founder, and

Tan Kheng Hua

Actor and Producer

Sarah Pang

Pro Tennis player

Mark Ting

Board Member, CEO Global

Cai Yinzhou

Founder of Geylang Adventures, Dakota Adventures and Cassia Resettlement Team

Tiziana Tan

Founder and CEO, Brain Juice Collective

Manorama Singh

Manager, SPRING Singapore

Delphia Lim

Head (Education), Between Two Homes and Advisor, Cassia Resettlement Team

Woo Wan Fong

Advisor, Cassia Resettlement Team

Lim Jingzhou

Co-Founder, Cassia Resettlement Team

Sarah Ong

Project Executive, Geylang Adventures and Head (Services and Programmes), Cassia Resettlement Team

Wong Yew Tong

Senior Associate Director, Student Leadership, Office of Student Life, SMU

Ruo-Mei Chua

Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Smiling Up the World (SUTW) Impact Consulting

Wesley Lim

President, SMU Caderas Latinas

Wee E-Chiing

Arts Manager, SMU Office of Student Life

Kenneth Tan

Director, Office of Student Life, SMU

Bervyn Lee

Associate Dean of Students, SMU

International Association of Facilitators Singapore (IAF Singapore)